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Why Tapp•e
Create charge-enabled fencing in the blink of an eye thanks to Tapp•e’s unique charging solutions.

“Save on time, cost and space: the Tapp•e solution really is ingenious.”

“Save over 50% on wiring and installation. Tapp•e is economic.”

“Add additional charging points without the need for digging. Tapp•e is easy.”

“Tapp•e collaborates with different partners to deliver the latest and greatest in charging solutions.”


Scale up with ease

Tapp•e charging solutions are based on the modular technology created by F1rst. This makes it very easy to scale up quickly. Just one base station will allow you to activate multiple charging points.


Clever use of space

Smart adapters allow Tapp•e charging solutions to be installed on any type of fence. Instead of having to rely on multiple charging stations save on space by cleverly integrating charge points into infrastructure that’s already there, the fence.


No digging required

Since all electronics, wiring and the actual charging points are accommodated in a subtle aluminum profile, no digging is required for installation of Tapp•e charging solutions. Additionally, adding more charging points is equally simple and fast.


Cube charging

Tapp•e works with a number of partners, such as Cube, to deliver high-end charging solutions. Cube charging points are: lightning fast, compatible with all EV’s, able to balance loads automatically, easy to update thanks to Bluetooth & Wi-Fi and made in the Netherlands.


Certified Tapp•e resellers

  • Intake

    Interested in Tapp•e charging solutions? Contact one of our certified resellers for an intake. In most cases photos are sufficient, but we can also perform an inspection on location.

  • Quote

    Our resellers will provide you with a quote that contains everything you need to know based on the number of charging points specified. Quotes are provided freely and without obligation.

  • Installation

    Once the quote is approved an appointment is made. A certified technician is assigned to provide a professional installation. Thanks to the plug-and-play nature of Tapp•e charging solutions, installations are often quick and easy.

Frequently asked questions

A growing number of companies rely on Tapp•e to provide reliable and intuitive charging solutions for customers and employees. These are their experiences.

Are Tapp•e charging solutions compatible with existing fencing?
Tapp•e charging solutions can be installed on all types of fencing. If your location already has fencing infrastructure, there is no need to replace anything. Smart adapters make installation a trivial matter.
Is it possible to add branding to our charging points?
Tapp•e charging solutions are available with either Tapp•e or white label branding. Naturally, both resellers and end-users can work with their own branding if they so choose.
Why choose Tapp•e charging points?
Tapp•e collaborates with, among others, Cube for the development of charging solutions. Cube charging points are: highly scalable, able to balance loads automatically and made in the Netherlands.
I’m interested in a Tapp•e charging solution. Who do I talk to?
If you want to know more about a charging solution, talk to one of our certified resellers. Thanks to rigorous and in-depth training, our resellers know all there is to know about Tapp•e. This enables them to provide excellent service and advice.
What about maintenance?
You have the option of choosing for a Tapp•e maintenance plan. This is a ‘set it and forget it’ subscription model that allow our resellers to take care of everything.


Interested in becoming a certified reseller or do you want to know more about Tapp•e? Call us or fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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