Become a Tapp•e reseller:

Together we are making the future for a more sustainable Europe.

Become a Tapp•e reseller: 
<p><span>Together we are making the future for a more sustainable Europe.</span></p>
Sustainable business

Growing demand for smart solutions

Increase sustainability AND reduce cost?
Smart and sustainable solutions often allow you to ‘kill two birds with one stone.’ Tapp•e charging solutions add a third bird: saving space. Tapp•e solutions are plug-and-play allowing you to create charging enabled fencing in the blink of an eye. Additionally, since our custom profiles house all wiring above ground, no digging is required, which is another cost saving measure.

In order to bring this technology to as many companies as possible, we are looking for partners that can help us expand our network. Sound interesting? The demand for smart solutions is growing and as a certified Tapp•e reseller you’re in the best position to offer the solutions that allow clients to move towards sustainability quickly.

The Tapp•e system offers a number of financial advantages on account of more efficient wiring and the fact there’s no need for digging, but there’s more opportunities to consider. In addition, kilowatts charged by users can generate additional revenue. By buying power at favorable rates and offering them with a modest mark-up, the initial investment can be returned in a reasonable time-frame. Over time it can even be considered an additional source of revenue. Of course, resellers and end-users are free to find a configuration that suits their needs best.

Additional revenue

Everybody wins

Becoming a reseller

Here’s what you need to know

  • Training

    Do you have what it takes to become a certified reseller? Your technicians receive a thorough training to familiarize them with the tech, the installation process and the revenue model.

  • Order online

    Get access to the Tapp•e online portal where you can order everything you need through a simple and intuitive system.

  • Increase profitability

    Expand your offerings and tap into the enormous growth in the EV market with Tapp•e’s smart solutions. Increase profitability by reaching a growing market that wants to invest in sustainability.

Become a reseller

Tapp•e is always looking for qualified partners that can help expand our network. Interested in becoming a reseller? Reach out to Tapp•e today to discuss the possibilities.

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